Private, Military, Covert - Quarter Master. 
"Supplying what you need with no one else knowing about it."

We are supporting the Embassy, DS, SOF and Covert Fields. 
The people who are stuck on their own many times.

We serve a private clientele.
To purchase from us we need an email from your agency, private company or national domain that you are allowed to use our services.

You need to be a NATO based country.
We cater to dedicated, repeat customers.

You will receive login details
and you can view our unique items for sale
and our purchasing services.

Payments are made by credit card, wire transfer, bitcoin or monero (XMR).

Shipment is done by US Postal Service or DHL.  On your DHL account or ours.  Orders are shipped anywhere you want them shipped.  We don't care. 

- We are offering custom solutions for energy for the powering of portable and personal electronics that you can bet your life on.

- We are offering very unique, simple and RAPID methods of data and document destruction.

- More to Come.

- Items and solutions come from a custom selection of the most talented and experienced geeks, chemists, engineers, shooters and operators.  

-  You want us to do what?   We will even deliver packages and orders to the local US ANG base.  You can arrange for its transportation from there.  Let us know how it should be packaged. (card board, cloth, wood, pelican or hardigg case, aluminum or welded steel.)

- Cheap, Private, Fast.  Pick any 2.